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For any special occasion or night out, Jack Ryan’s delivers an exquisite dining experience in East Texas, distinctly unmatched by other establishments.

Indulge in an atmosphere of luxury and a selection of the finest food in the culinary sphere at Jack Ryan’s in Kilgore. Our professional chefs use innovative cooking techniques to create new and exciting combinations from the highest quality ingredients on the market.

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At Jack Ryan’s, no ingredient we work with starts as a lifeless, frozen mass. It’s simply not how we operate. Even if it means scouring the country for the finest, freshest steak and fish available, we’ll find them and guide them directly to your plate. Because of this firm commitment to providing the freshest ingredients, every entrée and appetizer at Jack Ryan’s achieves the elusive goal of exquisite flavor and embodies our indisputable mastery of the craft.

Want to plan your next event with Jack Ryan’s in Kilgore? Whether you’re looking for private dining or catering for a business meeting or wedding reception, we have the expertise to craft your perfect private event and the excellent customer service necessary to make it a success.

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